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Cage Generator


The Generation properties are describe in full detail in 'Generation Properties'.

Random Seeds

Random Seeds

Various seed values are used to procedurally generate nodes. Each random number has been separated out into groups of like properties. (Integer)

Randomize button
Seeds can be incremented with the spinner or chosen at random via the Randomize button. All seeds can be randomized at once with 'Randomize all'.

Randomize All

Randomizes the value for all seeds used to compute this generator. (Function)



Controls how many times the mesh is subdivided.

Be aware that increase of 'Level' directly correlates with the increase of quads within the mesh.


Averages the vertices around the intersection between the parent and child node.

This property works in conjunction with 'Relax Scale', found under 'Branch Properties'. So the value set in 'Relax Scale' determines the strength of the 'Relax' value in the 'Cage' node.

For example, when the 'Relax Scale' is set to zero, then 'Relax' barely affects the SubD mesh. However, when the 'Relax Scale' is set to the value of 1, then it will average out the position of the vertices.