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Atlas View

The atlas view displays the layout of the atlas object currently selected in the Settings bar. The specific layer shown is selectable in the preview/chooser on the left hand side of the atlas view. If the texture and billboard atlases are not being merged, then the billboard atlas layers are also available to be shown.

Textures in the atlas shown can be selected by clicking on them. This allows a number of properties on them to be modified in the Properties bar. Selecting a billboard texture will select all of the billboard textures of that tree, since a modification to the size of the billboard must be done to all of the billboards for a particular tree.

The atlas view can be panned by holding either the left or middle mouse buttons and moving the mouse. Note that panning only works when portions of the atlas are outside of the view. If the atlas is zoomed to show the entire thing on screen, then panning will be locked.

Zooming the view can be accomplished using the mouse scroll wheel or by holding the left and middle mouse buttons and moving up and down. The current zoom level is displayed in the toolbar, and it can also be set there.

Double-clicking anywhere in the atlas view will zoom to show the entire atlas at the biggest size possible. This is not necessarily the same as 100% zoom.


The toolbar of the atlas view harbors a number of convenience and visualization options.

The “Merge Atlases” checkbox mirrors the atlas property of the same name. It allows the user to quickly change from a separate texture and billboard atlases to a merged texture and billboard atlas for the selected atlas object.

The three following buttons are visualization options. The first will enable the showing of the alpha channel. The second sets the type of visualization for billboard cutouts (none, outline, or triangles). Finally, the third enables a highlight of any textures that have been scaled from their original size, which can be useful in tracking down texture issues.

On the far right of the toolbar, a text edit box displays the current zoom level of the atlas being shown. A zoom level of 100% corresponds to a display showing the atlas with a pixel-to-pixel ratio to the screen. Common zoom choices are available in the drop down menu, or a specific value can be entered in the text edit area.