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Compile Settings



The verbosity of the reporting done during compilation: concise, detailed, or very detailed.

Coordinate system

The coordinate system the SRT files will be created for. This can be changed at runtime in the SDK, but there are costs in doing so.

Render mode

This sets the rendering mode that will be used: forward or deferred. This will impact how the shaders are generated.

Shared shader path

All shaders will be written to this folder when specified (advantage is that fewer shaders will be generated). When empty, shaders will be written to default per-atlas folders.

Include bones

Include skeleton information and per-vertex bone IDs in the SRT file


These booleans represent the platforms for which shaders will be generated.


Flip texcoords

Flip the V component of the texcoords.

Enable wind

Enable wind effect computation in the shaders.

Enable alpha noise

Enable alpha fizzling effect for LOD transitions, for use when A2C is not available.

Enable shadows

Enable shadow mapping in the shaders

Shadow maps

Number of shadow maps that are used



Type of fog to use in the shaders: none(disabled), linear, exp, exp2, or custom.


How to compute the fog color in the shaders

Apply to

The geometry types to which fog will be applied

Shader Types


Enable normal 3D tree shader creation on compile


Enable billboard shader creation on compile

Depth pre-pass

Enable depth shader creation on compile, for use with shadow mapping or a z prepass

Shader Compilation

Material merging

How to organize materials and draw calls to optimize for either fewer draw calls or shorter shaders.

Float precision

Set the floating point precision of the shader and vertex buffer: default (allow compressed types) or force full floats


Enable optimizing of the shader programs

Parallel build

Enable the use of multiple threads to build the shaders

Debugging info

Include debugging information in the shader program

Leave source

Leave the shader source behind after compilation

Erase old shaders

Delete all old shaders in the platform directories before new ones are created