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General Settings


Output directory

The output directory where all atlas directories will be created.

Size scalar

A scalar on the size of all the trees in every atlas.

LOD distance scalar

A scalar on the LOD distances of all the trees in every atlas.


Unload hidden data

When enabled, the Compiler will unload tree and texture data for any trees not in the currently shown atlas. This will save on memory in very large compile projects.


Clear output

When enabled, the output window will be cleared before compiling begins.

Copy textures

When enabled, the copy textures step will occur during compilation.

Make atlases

When enabled, texture atlases will be created and saved during compilation.

Render billboards

When enabled, billboards will be rendered at their final size, antialiased, and streaked during compilation.

Export trees

When enabled, trees files will be exported during compilation, whether this means SRT files or some other mesh export.