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Mesh Exporting

The SpeedTree® Compiler not only can compile SRT files for real-time use with the SpeedTree® SDK; it can also export to static mesh formats. Exporting meshes from the Compiler rather than the Modeler has the benefit of geometry being merged more intelligently, texture atlas creation, and texture format conversion.

Exporting a mesh is accomplished in much the same manner as compiling, through the Action bar. Instead of clicking the “Compile” button, the “Export Meshes” button is pressed. When this occurs, a menu of the available mesh types is presented. The chosen mesh exporter may present a dialog with options near the end of the process.


The same static mesh exporters that are available to the SpeedTree® Modeler are available for the Compiler. By default, these include the OBJ exporter which can make OBJ files, and the FBX exporter which can make FBX, Collada (DAE), and 3DS files. Additional exporters can be added or developed to show up in both the Modeler and Compiler.

Custom Exporters

If the available exporters are not adequate or if tighter interaction between the Compiler and your application is required, a custom mesh exporter can be developed. A mesh exporter can do anything from converting to a file format, to preprocessing data in some manner, to even sending data live to another application. Please see the SpeedTree® Mesh Exporter SDK for more information.