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Tree Settings



The filename of the SpeedTree Modeler SPM file to be loaded

Size Scalar

A scalar on the size of this tree.

Used As Grass

Indicates that this tree will be used for grass in the SpeedTree SDK. This will enable extra optimizations for grass rendering.

Rolling Wind

Enables the rolling wind effect on this tree/grass model


Distance Scalar

A scalar on the LOD distances of all the trees.

Effect LOD

Shows the Effect LOD dialog where effects can be configured per LOD.

Wind LOD

Shows the Wind LOD dialog where wind effects can be configured per LOD.


Sets the type of geometry to receive fog effects: all, just billboards, or none.

Squeeze to billboard

Enables the effect of squeezing the 3D geometry into the plane of the billboard to improve the LOD switch from the 3d tree to billboard.



The number of vertical billboards to render for this tree. The billboards will be evenly spaced to cover 360-degree views of the tree.

Size scalar

Billboards of different trees are sized based on the sizes of the trees themselves. This scalar allows that ratio to be adjusted when making billboards (for example, to allow very small trees to use more atlas space than usual).

Outer margin (pixels)

Adds a border (in pixels) to the billboards. This can be useful for eliminating texture bleeding.

Ambient Contribution

Indicates the amount of ambient color to use when rendering billboards. This is useful if the ambient color is very different from the diffuse color.

Alpha scalar

Scales the alpha of the billboard images

Horizontal : Include

Indicates whether to include a horizontal (overhead) billboard for this tree.

Horizontal : Height

Sets the height (in percentage of tree height) at which the horizontal billboard will appear in the SDK.

Cutout : Type

Geometry can be created around the combination of all the billboard alpha channels to minimize fill cost. The types of cutout geometry are as follows:

None No cutout geometry is created.
Slices The height of the billboard is cut into evenly-spaced sections.
Adaptive A polygon of n corners is created and triangulated.

Cutout : Slices/Corners

Sets the number of slices or corners (for cutout types “Slices” and “Adaptive”, respectively) for the billboard cutout geometry.