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Data Types

The basic data types used by the SpeedTree SDK are defined in Core/Types.h.

//  Setup types based on platform, but nothing too complex
typedef bool           st_bool;
typedef char           st_int8;
typedef char           st_char;
typedef short          st_int16;
typedef int            st_int32;
typedef long long      st_int64;
typedef unsigned char  st_uint8;
typedef unsigned char  st_byte;
typedef unsigned char  st_uchar;
typedef unsigned short st_uint16;
typedef unsigned int   st_uint32;
typedef float          st_float32;
typedef double         st_float64;
typedef size_t         st_sizet;
// st_float16, commonly known as a half float, has its own complete definition in Types.h.

Compile time checks are used in Types.h to ensure that the types are of the expected size.