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Displacement Assets

Displacement assets are used to displace the surface of branches, caps, and fronds.

Asset Common Properties

Each of the asset bars have a common group at the top. View this page to read about the common asset groups.


Displacements are height maps that can be applied to branch, cap, or frond geometry of a spine generator.


The image file used as the displacement source. Use the browse and reload buttons to change or reload the image.


The channel source of the displacement map. This can be set to “grayscale” (averages all channels), red, green, blue, or alpha.


If smoothing is desired, the “Smoothing” parameter will perform a Gaussian blur on the displacement map.

Displacement sources also be set to “Use material”, which will utilize the alpha channel of the assigned normal map as the displacement source.

Texture Preview

The texture preview window provides a way to view the displacement map as it will be used. The texture preview scales to the dimensions of the 'displacement asset bar'.

Navigating the preview window
The image preview can be zoomed by scrolling with the middle mouse button, or by click-dragging both the left and middle mouse buttons at the same time. The preview can be panned by dragging the left mouse button, if the image is zoomed in past 100%. Double-clicking in the window will zoom the extents of the image. If the image is not square, double-clicking again will zoom the shorter of the two dimensions.