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Export Material

Use 'File→Export material…' to save the model from the current view as a series of maps intended to be used as texture maps on another tree model. This technique is used largely when making real-time tree models but is also useful for making simple models for background rendering.

The basic idea is to create a model of a small part of the tree that you plan to replicate. Typically, this a section of branches and leaves which will become a leaf texture map on another tree model. The image below shows a model and the corresponding three maps created via 'File→Export material…'.

The leftmost image is that of the tree model itself. The three images on the right of the arrow depict the three maps generated by the tool: diffuse, normal, and specular. Notice that texture streaking is automatically applied to the diffuse and normal maps.

The 'Window' properties have two utilities that work in conjunction with material exporting:

  1. Screenshot Safe Frame: Shows a red border around a user controlled aspect ratio.
  2. Screenshot Assist: Apply random HSV variation, HSV level adjustments, and normal map exaggeration to the leaves.