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Missing Nodes

When working in the modeler, it is not uncommon to encounter the issue of the “mysterious missing nodes”. This mysterious disappearance is the result of ,one or the combination of, the settings that are being used in the file.

Why am I missing nodes?

1. The nodes are hidden

You can unhide any hidden nodes by right clicking in the viewport and in the menu that appears, go to Visibility–>Show all.

2. The nodes have been deleted

The missing nodes may gave been manually deleted, so they will no longer appear.

3. Pruned

Pruning, which is located in the property editor under the Generation group, may have been edited. An easy fix is to set the pruning curve to 'Max.

4. Level of Detail (LOD)

The missing nodes may be LOD'ed out. You can alter these setting in the 'LOD' controls, found in the 'Property Editor', by changing 'Optimization' to the value of '0' and setting all the profile curves to max.

5. Culled Out

If there are missing nodes in the Leaf Generator, then they may be culled out. You can either turn 'Leaf Collision' off or lower the 'Cull Tolerance' value.

'Leaf Collision' is located under the 'Tree Properties' settings.

6. Too thin or short

Because of the default LOD setting, if the 'Radius' is too thin or the 'Spine length' too short, then the nodes will be LOD'ed out. This can be fixed by either applying larger values or but editing the LOD settings.

7. Broken

Some generator templates have 'Break' enabled. Depending whether or not this is the effect desired, it is important to keep in mind that if the 'Break Spot' attribute is set to a low value, then the nodes will appear almost non-existent or hidden by the other non-broken nodes.

Also, depending on the LOD setting, then they may be LOD'ed out.