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User Interface

Changing the User Interface

The SpeedTree Modeler user interface is customizable. Detach individual bars by dragging the title bars off of the docked sections. Windows can be docked by dragging onto the area where the bar should be docked. A marquee line will appear where the bar will end up. If dragged over an existing pane, the dock will become a tab underneath the pane. Tabs can be reordered by dragging them left and right.

If a window has been accidentally closed, all bars can be reopened via the “Window” menu. Choose the “Reset Layout” option to restore the application to its default state.

The SpeedTree Modeler User Interface

Keyboard Shortcuts

To see all of the Modeler's keyboard shortcuts, view this page.


Under the “Window” menu, use the “Theme” option to switch between a dark (the default) and a more legacy light color scheme.