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The SpeedTree Compiler is the gateway between your team's vegetation artists and the run-time engine. Its primary task it to take artists' SPM (SpeedTree Procedural Mesh) files and convert them to SRT (SpeedTree Run-Time) files, which are read by the SpeedTree SDK. The Compiler can export any number of common formats (e.g. OBJ or FBX), but its full power comes to bear when exporting SRT files, as it allows the artist to generate optimized shaders, control geometric LOD, shader LOD, and wind LOD, as well as control over atlas arrangement and size.

The SpeedTree Compiler has its own independent help system, but these few pages on the SDK are included to list those topics that may be important to SDK-level programmers.

Note: Learn how to use the Compiler application. It has the ability to make your forest's performance soar or tank. Users have complete control over texture sizes, draw call counts, and shader beauty/speed balance.