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Core is the lowest level library, providing the most basic functionality. Core is written in C++ and is a portable library that is graphics-API independent. It offers the following functionality:

  • Reads SRT (SpeedTree Run-Time) files, generated by the SpeedTree Compiler that stores the complete definition of a SpeedTree model, including geometry, LOD, materials & texture references (actual texture contents are not embedded in the file), wind data, and collision objects.
  • Provides an interface for retrieving the tree file data, including complete vertex declarations and per-vertex values.
  • Computes LOD values needed to render LOD states (and constants that are uploaded to the wind shaders) that match those set by the artist in the Modeler.
  • Provides access to a CWind object that controls the wind animation parameters uploaded to the wind shaders.
  • Alternate coordinate systems can be set using the CCoordSys class defined in the Core library.
  • Defines a number of basic mathematical and utility classes that are used throughout the SDK.

The Forest Library is the next highest level library. It depends directly on Core and deals will collections of Core objects in order to build and manage an entire dynamic forest.