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User Interface Asset Bars

Many parts of the tree are controlled by the various “Asset” bars found throughout the Modeler.

Types of Assets

Assets are things applied to and/or used on various parts of a tree. The different types of assets are Color sets, Materials, Meshes, Displacements, and Masks. Often assets reference external files (such as textures or meshes). Each asset type is edited on its own bar.

Asset Common Properties

Each of the asset bars have a common group at the top. The asset currently shown is set using the combo box in this group.

Add/Remove, Add Special, and Copy/Paste

Assets can be added, removed, renamed, and reordered by clicking the +/- button. The “add special” button available on some tabs (+…), will open a file selector and create a new named asset for the chosen file. The clipboard button allows assets to be copied and pasted.

Drag and Drop

Assets can be dragged onto either the 'Tree Window' or the 'Generation Editor'. To drag an asset, click+hold the left mouse button down, and drag onto the generator or nodes that you would like to apply the asset to.

Dragging onto generators with multiple materials/meshes

Drag & dropped assets will do their best to work as intended. If you drag a material, color set, or mesh onto a generator with multiple types of assets already assigned (such as a leaf generator with two leaf materials), the “type” of the node dragged onto will be replaced with the dragged asset.

Dragging onto Generator Icons

If you drag an asset onto a generator icon in the 'Generation Editor', all matching asset types will be replaced with this asset. If dragged onto a spine generator, a menu will appear asking which type of geometry (branch, cap, or frond) should be affected.

ALT + Drag & Drop

By default, assets are replaced by drag & dropping. However, holding the 'ALT' key while drag & dropping will add the asset type to the target. In this way, a new leaf material can be added to a leaf generator.

To add a mesh asset to the scene as a new mesh force, 'ALT' + drag the mesh into the 'Tree Window'.