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Version 5.1.1

Release Notes

1. Support for Visual Studio 2010 RC added.

2. Core/Memory.h reworked:

  • Unordered List ItemOverridden global placement new operator replaced with st_new() macro.
  • st_delete() and st_delete_array() no longer need a string description matching its corresponding allocation.
  • All functions moved into the SpeedTree namespace.
  • Please see the SpeedTree new and delete page for details on how to use the new allocator function.

3. Included Cg libraries are from the Februrary 2010 Cg SDK. In our tests, OpenGL performance was significantly improved on some ATI cards.

4. Billboard rendering system now uses 32-bit indices instead of 16-bit, allowing for higher billboard populations.

5. Fixed billboard rendering system bug that would sometimes renderer garbage billboards.

6. Fixed billboard bug that would not render horizontal billboards correctly in alternate coordinate systems, or if the SRT's coordinate system differed from the application's. Fixed CGeometryBufferRI::UnBindIndexBuffer() bug.

7. While SpeedTree is not officially supported under Linux, the source was successfully compiled using gcc 4.4.1 under Ubuntu 9.1. The source changes that were necessary are included in this version of the SDK.

8. Added SPEEDTREE_VERSION_MAJOR, SPEEDTREE_VERSION_MINOR, and SPEEDTREE_VERSION_SUBMINOR in Core.h. The values in this version of the SDK are 5, 1, and 1 respectively.