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Version 6.1 (Beta)

Release Notes

The biggest change for version 6.1 was the addition of deferred rendering support. That is, integrating SpeedTree into a deferred rendering system will be much easier with the new shader templates & asset compilation path.

General Notes

1. Support for deferred rendering added. The Compiler application will export shaders for use with deferred rendering and the Reference Application runs with an example implementation.

  • CMultiRenderTargetsRI and CRenderTargetRI classes added to abstract platform render target systems.

2. Improved internal profiling, particularly in the culling & LOD functions.

3. Added ST_INLINE macro to issue more forceful inline directives.

4. Added feature in CView::Set() help combat sudden leaf card over-the-pole flipping.

5. Added more documentation about the shader system in general, including the new deferred features.

Bug Fixes and Performance

  • Several alternate coordinate system issues fixed.
  • Improved memory usage when dealing with large instance counts.
  • Eliminated depth-fighting in billboard geometry when wind is enabled.
  • Several PIX warnings removed for all DirectX builds.
  • All page titles in documentation now correct.
  • Wind effects would sometimes be lost in billboard shaders.

Reference Application Changes

1. Overlay system added.

2. Deferred rendering support added (as of the beta release, this was done for DX9/10/11, and PS3, with Xbox 360, PS Vita, and OpenGL remaining).

3. SupportingData/ folder added in the Forests/ section. It contains files common to multiple forests, as well as misc shaders like the overlay and deferred lighting.

4. Added FullscreenQuad.h/cpp, used in the deferred rendering system.

5. SFC file changed:

  • “render” block replaced by “forward_render” and “deferred_render”. Deferred render block includes directives for specifying lighting and other pass shaders.
  • Overlay support added.
  • Added surface_adhesion value for each grass type.