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Version 6.2.2

Release Notes

Note that version 6.2.2 is the immediate successor to version 6.2.0. 6.2.1 was skipped to stay in sync with the tool applications (SpeedTree Modeler and Compiler). In particular, the Compiler and SDK must stay in strong agreeement.

General Notes

  • Linux support added for the first time, though in beta state. Numerous SpeedTree clients have had little to no trouble porting it themselves, but this is IDV's first official version.

Bug Fixes and Performance

  • Shader hash name bug manifested itself as some trees were casting only partial shadows. Hash name was corrected which will require 6.2.0 forests to be recompiled to be run with 6.2.2.
  • PS3 version of the Plantation forest configuration updated: PS3_Deferred.sfc added, PS3_Forward.sfc synchronized with Xbox360_Forest.sfc, which had been more appropriately tuned for current-gen consoles.
  • In deferred rendering mode, there were some circumstances where the example sky was being renderered twice. It is now rendered exclusively in our example Lighting_ps.fx shader.
  • Bug in CStateBlockRI that manifested itself as a busted render in x64 Debug DX11 deferred builds (it appears as those the depth buffer comparison function was reversed), though the fix affected all platforms.
  • Trees that have LOD disabled now issue warnings during compilation, but they also render correctly in the SDK & reference application. Note that a no-LOD tree renders at full resolution to the horizon, pretty much destroying rendering and culling efficiency.
  • CCore::LoadTree() did not scale its internal SLodProfile if a non-1.0 value was passed as the tree scalar value.
  • Smooth wind transitions from global to no wind were missing. That particular transition always popped. It was difficult to notice because this most commonly happens at a lengthy distance from the camera.
  • DirectX10/11 sometimes issued resource-not-freed warnings on exit. We've found that DXUT can sometimes behave oddly in fullscreen mode which seemed to be the source of most of these warnings. The warnings are now restricted to debug builds only.