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Version - 6.3.2

Release Notes

Version 6.3.2 is the immediate successor to version 6.3.0. This is a minor release, mostly to add fixes and updates to the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

General Notes

  • This is likely to be the last release to directly support DirectX 10. Please let us know via if this is going to cause a problem.
  • PlayStation 4 performance and functionality improved. See the PlayStation 4-specific documentation for details.
  • Xbox One performance improved. See the Xbox One-specific documentation for details.
  • New directives added to every SDK header file for packing alignment.

Bug Fixes and Performance

  • Fixed a bug related to 8x MSAA + 8x anisotropic filtering. The reference application launching dialog was passing the wrong value on launch, causing the reference application to use clamping texture samplers instead of wrapping.
  • Some of the shaders that shipped with the 6.3.0 were compiled with debug settings.
  • Fixed a dependency error in one OpenGL and one DirectX 10 VC 10 project.