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Version - 7.0.1

Release Notes

Version 7.0.1 is the immediate successor to version 7.0.0.


  • Added Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 installers.
  • All platforms requiring a separate attribute stream for instancing now use ATTR0, ATTR1, and ATTR2 for the vertex instancing data (previous versions used ATTR1, ATTR2, and ATTR3). This required changes to source in each platform as well as the SRT_Exporter (part of the Compiler toolset).
  • c_asBillboardInstanceStreamDesc,c_as3dTreeInstanceStreamDesc, and c_asGrassInstanceStreamDesc, defined in VertexDecl_inl.h in [SDK]/Include/Core/ were replaced with a single instance declaration named c_asInstanceStreamDesc.
  • Many changes to structures in Forest.h, including:
    • Class CInstance was changed to structure SInstance. Get*() and Set*() functions were replaced with direct access to the member variables.
    • There were several structures in the SDK that have been replaced by SInstance. Namely, S3dTreeInstanceVertex, SBillboardInstanceVertex, SGrassInstance, and SGrassInstanceVertex were deleted and replaced with SInstance, simplifying a lot of the internal SDK organization.
    • Class CTreeInstance was changed to structure STreeInstance. Like the CInstance/SInstance change, the Get*() and Set*() functions were replaced with direct member variable access.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a shader bug where some geometry combinations had obviously incorrect wind behavior. Fix was to the main 3D geometry vertex shader templates.
  • Fixed a shader bug that caused an interpolant mismatch between 3D tree shadow casting vertex and pixel shaders.
  • Fixed a deployment issue in Xbox One installer that would cause two files to not copy over to the console.
  • Fixed a deployment bug in Xbox One reference application project.
  • Fixed build problems under Visual Studio 2010 with DirectX11 Renderer project.
  • Added Visual Studio 2015 solution and project for DirectX 9 reference application.