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Version - 7.1.1

Release Notes

Version 7.1.1 is the immediate successor to version 7.1.0 and contains only bug fixes, all of which occurred in the SRT Exporter and the shader templates it uses. No changes were made to the SDK C++ source code.

Bug Fixes

  • Wind Bug In Alternate Coord Systems: In the SRT exporter, fixed double coordinate converstion of per-vertex packed direcitonal wind values which causes incorrect wind behavior in some coordinate systems.
  • Shader Variable Renamed: SWindInput::m_fUniqueVertexValue renamed to SWindInput::m_fBranchTrigOffset in Include_Wind.fx.
  • Trig Offset Computed Differently: sWindIn.m_fBranchTrigOffset (formerly m_fUniqueVertexValue) computed differently in InlineVertex_Wind3d.fx.
  • Fixed Leeward Wind Scaling: Fixed wrong parameter being used to compute leeward wind scaling in WindLeaf() in Include_Wind.fx.
  • Small Shader Fixes: In the four Template_3dGeometry_Vertex_*.fx files,
    • Fixed missing bone property declaration in main().
    • Changed fLeafWindTrigOffset computation in main().