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Scripts Overview

Using SpeedTree FBX processor scripts in third party apps

The SpeedTree Modeler ships with scripted utilities for use in various 3D packages that are designed to recreate your SpeedTree materials and assign them to geometry imported as FBX objects.

Below is an index of the scripts and plug-ins that current ship with the SpeedTree Modeler:

  • SpeedTree FBX (Maya)
  • SpeedTree SWA Importer (Maya)
  • SpeedTree Mesh Utility (3ds Max)
  • SpeedTree FBX Processor (3ds Max)
  • SpeedTree FBX (Houdini)
  • SpeedTree Material (Houdini)
  • SpeedTree Forest (Houdini)

Maya Plug-In Location

The Maya SpeedTree FBX and SpeedTree Forest plug-ins are located here:

  • “[SpeedTree Modeler Install Dir]/Scripts/Maya/”
  • “[SpeedTree Modeler Install Dir]/Scripts/Maya/”

Install the plug-ins in Maya by selecting the menu item “WindowSettings/PreferencesPlug-in Manager” and browse to the location above. Selecting either will load them both.

Load at Startup

To have the plug-ins load each time Maya is started, enable the “Auto-Load” option in the Plug-in Manager.

3ds Max Scripts Location

The SpeedTree for 3ds Max launcher script is located here:

  • “[SpeedTree Modeler Install Dir]/Scripts/3ds Max/SpeedTree Utility Launcher”

Run this script in 3ds Max by selecting the menu item “MaxScriptRun Script” and browsing to the location described above.

Load at Startup

The SpeedTree Utility Launcher will load at 3ds Max startup as long as the “Load at startup” property is enabled on the launcher.

Houdini Script Locations

The SpeedTree for Houdini scripts are contained in a digital asset file for both Houdini 11.1 and Houdini 12:

  • “[SpeedTree Modeler Install Dir]/Scripts/Houdini 11.1/SpeedTreeFBX.otl”
  • “[SpeedTree Modeler Install Dir]/Scripts/Houdini 12.0/SpeedTreeFBX.otl”

Automatic Loading

It is recommended to load “SpeedTreeFBX.otl” when Houdini is started. To do this, you will need to place copy the file to the startup OTL folder. This location varies depending on the platform you are running.

(“x.x” represents the Houdini build in use, such as “12.0”):

  • Windows - “Users/[Username]/My Documents/houdinix.x/otls/”
  • Mac - “[Username]/Library/Preferences/houdini/x.x/otls/”
  • Linux - “/opt/hfsx.x/houdini/otls/”