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User Interface > Timeline Bar

The Timeline Bar allows the user to “scrub” through 'FBX' camera animation data in the 'tree window'.

Loading Camera Data

For the timeline to function, camera data must first be loaded into the scene. To load camera data from an 'FBX' file, select the menu item FileImport camera from fbx… and choose an 'FBX' file that contains camera information. The names of each camera in the file will be added to the viewport choices. Choose any camera to display the scene from that view. Note that the viewport will be letter-boxed to the aspect ratio associated with the selected camera.


Use the controls in the Timeline Bar to animate the camera. Options include:

  • Stop - stops the timeline from playing.
  • Play - plays the animation.
  • Frame Number - the current animation frame. Type in values here to go to a specific frame.
  • Step back - go backwards one frame.
  • Step forward - go forward one frame.
  • Loop - restart the animation when the last frame has been reached.
This bar is hidden by default and is only useful when camera data has been loaded.