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Unity Subscription Management

Your account status is managed on the SpeedTree Store. You can browse to your account there, or click the “Register/edit account” button in the login dialog of the SpeedTree Modeler.

You can purchase the subscription product to start your subscription and enable the use of the Modeler. You will be billed every month while your subscription is active. You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to your account dashboard and clicking the “Cancel” button. Similarly, you can renew a subscription by clicking the “Renew” button for a subscription you have previously cancelled.

Even if you cancel a subscription, you will be able to use the Modeler until the end of the period you paid for (1 month from your last payment).

Logging In

The SpeedTree Modeler for Unity Subscription checks with our server to verify your current subscription status. Enter the same login and password you used to buy the SpeedTree Modeler subscription on the SpeedTree store. Then click “Login”. After a moment of negotiation, you should be ready to start using the Modeler.

Note that you can use your same account on multiple machines if you need to, akin to a floating license. So you can use the same account at work and at home. However, there is currently a 10 minute waiting period for logging in from different machines.

Proxy Settings

If you are using the internet behind a proxy, you will need to setup the Modeler to use it. Click the “Proxy settings…” button to enable and edit the use of a proxy server.

Where to Get More Help

For any questions dealing with using the Modeler to create and edit trees, please see this documentation or ask questions on our forum.

Questions specific to importing the trees to Unity or using them in the engine should be posted to the Unity Forum or the Unity Answer Hub.

However, if you have any difficulty with your store account or purchasing, please contact