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Usage & Controls

The reference application has a wide range of options for both up front user configuration as well as interactive features to be used as the forest in rendering.

Navigation on a PC is handled with the standard WASD + mouse navigation. Press and hold the middle mouse button for free-look mode. Use the right mouse button to raise and lower the camera (must deactivate terrain following). Other navigation-related keys include:

Key Behavior
Control Hold to move more slowly
Shift Hold to move more quickly
Space Toggle terrain following
C Toggle collision (will allow the camera to move through the terrain if terrain following off)

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are numerous keyboard short cuts that can be used to adjust the scene and rendering style on the fly. This list will print in the console when the application starts.

Key Behavior
T Toggle 3D tree geometry
B Toggle billboard geometry
L Toggle terrain (think 'L'and)
G Toggle grass
Y Toggle sky
U Toggle textures
E Toggle overlays, if active
J Toggle depth blur, if active
O If active, cycle bloom mode to main, no blur, blur only
Q Print resource usage to console
X Print CPU timing report, if enabled during compile
V (+ mouse motion) Move sun position
F (+ mouse motion) Change wind direction (think 'F'an)
0-9 Go to preset camera position
Shift + 0-9 Record preset camera position
Ctrl + R Go in camera demo mode
Ctrl + 1-4 (+ mouse motion) Adjust hand-tuned shader parameters x, y, z, and w
ESC Quit/exit

Command-Line Options

If you run the reference application with “-help” it will print the extensive command-line options to the console.