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Welcome to the SpeedTree® Modeler User Manual

The SpeedTree® Modeler is a standalone application used to quickly create realistic tree and plant models. This document will guide you through the process of making a model and answer many common questions along the way.

Getting Started

The SpeedTree modeling process is a blend of procedural modeling and hand drawing. The best way to get familiar with the environment is to open one of the sample models that ships with the application. Do this by clicking the “Open a sample tree” button on the main interface when the application launches. When the tree loads, select one of the generators in the Generation Editor and look over the properties that become available. Try editing a few of the values to get a feel for how the procedural parameters affect the model. Most SpeedTree modeling is accomplished in this fashion. As you become more comfortable, take a look at the curves page and experiment with how the different types of curves can be used to shape and control the model

Once you have the basics down use the table of contents and search feature to learn more about modeling in SpeedTree. If you're looking for tutorial videos please visit our Youtube channel.

This manual covers all editions of the SpeedTree Modeler. Some of the features presented in the documentation may not be present in the version you are using or evaluating. To Determine which version you are running, select Help About SpeedTree Modeler… from the main pull down menu. The text at the top of the ensuing dialog lists the version number and the edition.