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Settings Bar

The Settings bar houses the different objects stored in a Compiler project. These include main objects that house various global settings, and also all atlases and trees to be compiled. Basically, the Settings bar breaks up the available settings into different groups for easier management.

Atlases and Trees

Atlases and trees can be added, removed, and modified from the Settings bar using the toolbar buttons.

Clicking the “Add atlas” button on the left of the toolbar will add a new atlas and pop open a dialog for adding trees. The name of the atlas will be gleaned from the trees (if any) that are added at this time. Similarly, selecting an atlas and clicking the “Remove atlas” button will remove it, warning the user if the atlas has trees in it.

Clicking the “Add trees” button will open a file dialog to add trees to the current atlas. Multiple trees can be added at once. Removing trees is handled by the corresponding button.


Each of the objects that is shown in the Settings bar has a number of properties associated with it. When an object is selected, its properties are shown in the Property bar. The various properties for each object are listed below, and this help also is displayed in the contextual help in the Property bar.